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Introduction - Mike C

Started by Mike C, November 19, 2012, 11:21:34 AM

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Mike C

Hello all

I have enjoyed reading the forum for several months now and with my find of an AE50 at an antique show yesterday, I thought I would post a pic of my small collection. With the exception of the AE40 and 50,they need some parts and work, but I have really been enjoying getting them working.



Hi Mike and welcome to the Forum! I am glad to see that AE phones are already a part of your collection! What parts do the 40 & 50 need?



Welcome to the forum, Mike.  It looks like you are off to a good start.  Be warned though that collecting can be highly addictive  :).


Mike C

Thanks for the welcome guys

The AE 40 and 50 are actually the two that are working...or almost. The AE 40 dial is a bit out of adjustment so the dial tone is quiet or not there. The 50 I got yesterday works great and just needed a line cord. It also took a me a bit to find that the upper party line plate needed to be removed to screw in the plunger collar. Sorry if these are not the correct terms. I enjoy using these as the kids are always bringing the cordless units into their rooms until they are discharged, so it's nice to have one or two phones that work ;)



Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum! Nice start to a collection you have there. As you were already warned this hobby is an addiction, phonitis, and it is incurable! It may be too late as you have more than 2 phones already! Do not leave those phones together like that, they multiply like tribbles ;D
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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there is only
do or do not"


Quote from: HarrySmith on November 19, 2012, 12:57:45 PMDo not leave those phones together like that, they multiply like tribbles ;D

Imagine this, but with a pile of phones... :D

(though I think had it been phones, Kirk wouldn't be conscious after that scene!!! :D )


Good start on a collection. Nice phones.-Howard
PS: Nice sideboard and table too.


Impressive start and a nice collection Mike.  How long before you add a chromed AE40 to the collection?  Then a brass one then an AE34 then............  You have been warned  ;D


Welcome to the forum, Mike.



Dennis just created an area for new member introductions so I have moved Mike C's Intro here.