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NEW: Oversized image error message

Started by TelePlay, September 26, 2022, 02:38:17 PM

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The forum software had been changed to that each attachment's file size
must be 3 Mbytes or less.

Trying to load an image greater than 3 Mbytes will result in this error message being displayed and allowing the attached image to be cancelled out and its cropped or downsized used.

Oversized Image SMF Notice.jpg

Existing images, already posted images, that are larger than 3 Mbytes will not be affected.

A lot of image processing "how to" information is in this board

including this topic which is overly detailed but contains almost everything about cropping and/or resizing


Well, I reckon I'm still in the clear because I always reduce mine to around 150kb, 900 x 800 pixels. LOL!
With the piece of garbage I have (Hughes) for an internet provider any bigger and It's like dial up, waiting an hour for something no bigger then your thumb to upload. And download aint much better.