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LPC 72-55 touchtone

Started by cchaven, April 17, 2013, 08:35:33 PM

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I picked up a chrome AE LPC-72-55 touchtone for $180 after pausing and missing on a Northern Electric 3-slot touchtone.  It's in pretty nice shape..only minor pitting..and it included the vault door and keys.  The main issue that most here would have with it is that a ringer was put in place of the coin relay.  This is my second AE 3-slot, the other being a beige LPB-82-55 that was refurbed by GTE in the early 80's and sold, being converted to a LPC with the Teltronics board in the process.  My question is, can someone tell me how the instruction card is mounted below the dial on the 72-55?

Attached are pics of the outside and inside of the 72-55, as well as a frontal shot of the 82-55.



I haven't tried adding or removing the instruction card in my AE TC 3 slot but if there is no obvious way it must be done the same way as the newer AE Single Slots cards. Pop the card and the clear plastic cover in as far as possible and then use something like a slot screw driver along the edge that is still not in place. Hold the card in place with your hand and run from one side to the other and it will pop into place (with a bit of practice).