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Hello from Belgium

Started by RTT, May 12, 2013, 07:20:29 AM

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Hi guys,
I'm Thomas, 30 years old and I love old rotary phones. I actually still use them in the house. Currently I have four attached. Sadly since 7th may of this year my internet provider changed their phone services without notice so that you can no longer use pulse phones only tone phones. Now I'm contemplating changing provider or buying something like the dialgizmo.

Wel enough said, let me show you my little collection:

This is the first phone I obtained in Cairo Egypt in 2010. In the Christian district there are a lot of small antique stores who sell old cameras and phones. I'd liked this one because it has the number also in arabic on the dial. A friend of ine who speaks arabic says that the stamp on the back says that it belongs to te egyptian army. Sadly it has a lot of cracks and scuffs, but seeying as it is in the kitchen it gets a lot of use!

Next up : My girlfriend and I bought a house in september 2011 and there was still a lot of old stuff there, so we had to take numerous trips to the dump. One day I saw this laying around and I couldn't resist, my grandma had the exact same phone albeit in gray. this is probably the one I use the most. I just love sitting there.

This next one I got  from my girlfriends'dad. He "stole" it from his workplace when they were put out of commisssion and had it in his garden shed for twenty years. This one has been modified so that you can only hear what the other person has to say, you can no longer dial. It is not connected and I hope to restore it!

The next one is the ugly duckling. My girlfriend wants me to take it back to the dump were I found it. But I say i keep it around for spares (;)). My actual plans are to hang it in the basement. No need to run upstairs when somebody calls and I'm tinkering away!

The next one is something I found in a thrift store here in Belgium. It's condition isn't all that great (lots of scratches on the plastic). It is a german phone, but I love the design and color. This also makes a milstone: This is the first phone I installed where I had to put down a new cable across the house.

Last but not least: Found it at a flea market for 1 euro. It is not really a rotary model but it still uses pulse only. These are the phones of my childhood. You had them with rotary dial and with buttons. Most of the time they had this ugly broken white colour that has yellowed really badly  in most cases. I never so one in this colors so I snapped it a way instantly!   


Nice collection. I love the green wall phone.

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