"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Bringing my first AE LPC 82-55 back to life

Started by Haf, May 17, 2013, 03:56:13 PM

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I recently bought an AE LPC 82-55 on Ebay in, like seller said, out of service condition. Same time I bought a payphone controller from Stan Schreier. When the phone arrived I had to wait another two days for the controller, almost dying of curiosity if everything works. When the phone finally arrived the optical state was a little disappointing, tons of rust stains not visible on the auction pictures, seller said it was removed from Chicago area but had a New York State dial center- never mind, I want a working phone, the rest I can worry about later :) and then, after easy connecting the phone to the controller...I had a hunch that it will take a little bit longer until everything works like it should. The phone only collected coins, the transmitter was dead, the receiver very very soft, dialtone almost inaudible and dial was way to slow.
Due to lack of knowledge and experience I wrote Stan a mail for help. And he was very kind and had a lot of patience with me. He mailed me pictures of the coin hopper and coin relay and how it works and I mailed him a video link of how it dysfunctional operates.Meanwhile I examined the coin mechanism very closely and tried to figure out myself how it should work, what happens if you pull here and there etc. And we both came to the same clue, Stan from hearing only the operating sound and I from examining, the little plastic flap dividing coins from collect or return was stuck because not connected with the clutch. Easy fix :) Now that problem was solved. Second was the dead transmitter and inaudible receiver, I checked every wire color with a diagram found on TCI, everything seems to be correct. But again, Stan had the right idea because he had same problems before, a missing jumper. Again easy fix and transmitter was alive. The last problem I solved with reading the forum, I simply changed the dial (I will clean up, oil and adjust the original one later on) and ..there it was, a fully functional (but ugly :P ) payphone, yeah.
At first, when it didn't work from first moment on I was disappointed and despondent but now I'm even more proud that I finally managed to bring it back to life (with lot's of help from Stan!). And he's absolutely right when he says payphones are fun because they're animated :)

Here's a video from the result. Sorry about the 1936 Bell system Minneapolis phone directory, I know it's an AE phone but I was to lazy to search for the right directory ;)

And if someone has a black AE LPC housing wanting to part with, please pm me.