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Pacific NW Bell sign and a great conversation

Started by Gilas, May 29, 2013, 05:11:32 PM

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I had the privilege of meeting a lady today whose husband worked 30 odd years with the Pacific NW Company.  He passed years ago and she wanted to try and clear some of his items out due to moving.  Most of the old phones are long sold however she had some parts and many many signs throughout her house.  She even has a man hole cover with the famous bell on it. 

I was able to pick up this sign from her and thought I would share.  I will probably throw it up above my work bench for now, the sign as you can see if two sided so I can switch it up =).  She informed me that once she moves she will be calling me for many of the others that she has hanging now, which range from basic plastic telephone signs to beautiful porcelain signs from days gone by.  She also has several beautiful lit telephone signs that she advised would need a good home too.

I informed the lady that I would also let everyone know that  she has a switchboard that she needs to sell as well.  She advised me that this was her husbands pride and joy and that he spent many years getting it back into shape and that it is complete as well.  All I have right now is this quick photo I took with my phone however she will be sending me some pictures she has from when the back was taken off years ago. 

I thought someone here might be able to let me know more about it so I can tell her, asking price etc.  She wants it to go to a good home where someone will appreciate it and love it as much as he did.  WAY to big for me but thought someone here might know someone.



-Bill G


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