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My 7H6 North Electric Galion

Started by gregroe, July 01, 2013, 06:16:34 PM

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Hello, I just bought this telephone to be used in my home. I can't read a schematic to save my life. ??? Is there any photos of the wiring available? I can follow the picture to copy to my phone and get it up and running I hope.


Welcome to the forum.  Have you tried connecting the phone line to L1 and L2 to see if the phone works as it is?  If not, connect the red and green wires from your phone line to L1 and L2 in either order.



Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply! I'm connecting those lines now. (Need better reading glasses)
There's also a black wire from the phone line...where should I connect that?

BTW, It's working without connecting the black wire. BIG THANK YOU!


Yes, you need only the red and green wires from the wall.
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The yellow wire isn't needed either but it isn't likely causing you any problems. I corrected the subject line of this post. A very common error to make but your phone is a North Electric, not a Northern Electric. Two completely different companies.

Welcome to the forum!