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Old Bell System TV ad

Started by contraste, September 21, 2009, 12:55:44 PM

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Quaint old ad for an extension phone. Does anyone remember it?




I would rather ask a telephone line woman.

Please don't take this wrong Bwanna but you are sort of a heroine.


well, thank you hobie.

sometimes i think i would have liked being a grown up in the 50's & 60's. except for the part where a girl can't be a telephone man. :o


Nope, You'd of had to be an operator in those days, wearing high heels instead of the much more fashionable spiky climbing boots.  ;)


Yes, those were the good ol days!  Joking of course.

Rosie the riveter could weld battle ships and tanks, but when the war was over, only men seemed to have what it took to install a phone.  Hmmmm.

When I was a kid, we only had policemen, mailmen, milkmen, firemen, linesmen, telphone men, repairmen, and on and on.

I think we have a better system than back then.  However, it did take a bit for me to get used to calling males in these occupations by their new titles of installers, postal workers, etc.
-Bill G


 the same female letter carrier has delivered mail to my house for 25 years. sometimes i still ask, "has the mailman been here yet?".

at work, we are required to call our subscriber when we are enroute to them. most people want to know, "what time will the GUY be here?"  ::)


  In my opinion, I think the terms mailmen, phone guy, fireman, ect... is more just a term used to identify a job position than a reference to gender, sort of like the way the term mankind is used to describe the human race.
  I did enjoy seeing the commercial. There is also a cool old Bell commercial on youtube about switching over to dial service telephones. Here's part one and two.

Forgive me if these have been posted here before.
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