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Started by foots, May 04, 2009, 12:00:38 PM

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 I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joshua and I'm fairly new to this hobby - really got interested about 4 days ago. I was looking up info on how to repair a WE500 that I had gotten for free when my brother was cleaning out his new home. I came here from a link on Dennis Markham's site. I am fascinated with old phones (Neither myself nor anybody else who knows me would have ever guessed that in 10,000 years).
Anyway, I don't have a picture of my '59 500 yet, but I do have pics of the other 2 that I'm waiting for to arrive at my house later this week. I think both phones may have the incorrect hand sets, but I'm not 100% certain.
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Welcome Foots;
You've found the right spot for anything you could ever want to know about Old Rotary phones.
I'm not sure of the Stromberg, but the WE has been known to have both handsets, E1, and F1, even seen one somebody put a G1 handset on. They don't fit very well but ??

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Welcome ;D The first phone is a W.E. D1 mount, also known as a "202". The F1 handset is correct for this phone. Early ones used an "E1" handset, later ones used the F1.

The second phone is a Stromberg-Carlson (SC) 1243 with a North Electric handset. The handset is incorrect as SC used their own handsets.

EDIT: That SC could also be a 1222, 1223, 1224 or 1242, 1243, 1242, 1250. I'm not sure what the actual physical differences are such as no dial, etc. etc. Look at the bottom for a number.

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Here's the bottom number, I think it's 1243WA and I can't make out the number underneath it. Oh, any idea how old this sucker is? I haven't come across much info in this particular phone. Also, what does the original handset look like? I'm going to have to get one.
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Too my knowledge, the 1243 was produced right after the end of WWII. I mean right after. The last gun probably wasn't done shooting yet when these rolled off the line. In fact, W.E. bought several hundred thousand to be used in their system. The W.E. 302 sets hadn't started rolling off the line yet, and they needed telephones for both replacement and installation. This phone served their needs for a short time. Also, W.E. generally changed the dial, using one of their own. #4 or #5 dial would be installed.

The WA indicates the wiring and/or ringer type. I can't find my SC info on this. I may have lost it due to last months HD failure :-\

St Clair Shores, MI

Dennis Markham

Welcome Joshua.  Brian, to me that looks like a round based B1.  Joshua, on the back side of the phone, below the vertical post does it read B1 or D1?  I always have a difficult spotting the subtle differences from photos...especially from this angle.  It looks like a nice phone.  You will need to connect this phone to a subset, or ringer box in order to avoid damage to the phone by plugging it directly to the phone line.  When you get time, remove the bottom two screws and lift off the base.  You should be able to read some numbers on the back of the dial.  Is it a 5H, a 4H or something different?

On the Stromberg Carlson I think the W indicates a straight line ringer.  I'll have to see if I can find my document that tells all of the different codes.  A straight line ringer is a good thing.  That means it will ring on today's lines.


Dennis, I'm still waiting on both phones to arrive. They should be here by no later than Friday. The Western Electric was advertised as a D1, but I'll find out for sure when it gets here. I had planned on getting a subset for it as I fully intend to give it a thorough going through and shinin' up and putting it to use as well as the Stromberg and the '59 WE500.
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B1 vs D1. That's a D1 unless the photo is being stretched so to say.


St Clair Shores, MI

Dennis Markham

I do know the difference in the two, it just looked more round to me in that photo.  If the seller says it's a D1 (and Brian too) then it was just my eyes....and wishful thinking.


Welcome Foots, you will find some pretty smart people here who know all about old phones.  Then of course there is me, I just hang out and enjoy the vibe and try to learn stuff.   :)


Welcome Joshua!  Great phones you've got there, can't wait to see that 500!
- Tom


Hi Foots/Joshua, 

I caught the phone bug about six months ago and don't really know much, but it sure is fun.

Bill Cahill

Welcome to the phone forums, boots! Nice phones.....  ::) ;D
Bill Cahill

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welcome Joshua to thew forums, enjoy you new collections

Dennis Markham

I found the list of suffix codes for the Stromberg Carlson 1543 sets.  I have published a new topic in the Technical Reference Library board.  Here is a link to that posting.

So Joshua, your set marked 1243WA means it has fully automatic equalization elements and a straight line ringer.  The "straight line ringer" is what you want to see if you'd like your phone to ring on today's lines.  The "57" below that MAY indicate the date of the phone.


After posting this I realized I was comparing "apples & oranges".  The info I posted above is for the Stromberg Carlson Model 1543, not the 1243.

I have since added another posting to the Technical Reference Library with information about the Model 1243---Joshua's model of S.C.  Again, it is courtesy of Paul Fassbender.  Here is the link to that posting.

Sorry for the confusion.  We now have some good info on both of these models.