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DMS 100 switch in Augusta GA

Started by shadow67, December 29, 2021, 01:20:22 PM

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This is a DMS 100 switch in an ATT CO in Augusta GA


Neat! The CO that would serve my home has one of these, lately I've been wishing I had proper AT&T phone service. In reality, I know I probably would not notice a difference from my much cheaper VOIP provider.


man, that is so clean! crazy how technology makes thing so different. compared to older photos of CO's that picture almost looks like a library setup...


Super cool thanks for sharing.
Do you work on those?


No. My group has some equipment in this building we take care of. This switch is on the first floor. Upstairs are some retired in place pieces of the old 1AESS they used prior. Before I was in my current work group I worked on 5ESS switches and their remotes. And before that I did complex translations for the 5ESS switches in South Carolina. I have attached a pic of this Augusta office. Not sure how old it is, but I would guess nearly 100 years. The neighborhood is from the late 1800s and there is a 1914 fire station across the street.


I took a lot of pictures and videos of CO's and stuff in my time as a contractor. Maybe I'll post a few soon :)


Wow cool thanks for sharing.
Keep the photos and stories coming!