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CIT ivory phone

Started by Etienne, August 31, 2022, 08:33:02 AM

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These are pretty common in black, with mostly U43 handsets, sometimes the older style CIT handset.

This one is a rather rare ivory version, with a rare CIT handset.
32,49€ shipping included.
Coming home today.


It's the first time I've seen an ivory one and very nice it is too.
You did well.


Quote from: Etienne on August 31, 2022, 08:33:02 AM...Coming home today.

I like that.  :)   Good price too.

Is the dial correct?

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It arrived undamaged! The seller worked for FedEx many years and was perfectly aware of what shipping means.
Yes, the dial is correct. The phone is dated 1957 and has a clear fingerwheel, enamel ring and aluminium dial card- all correct for the period.
Missing feet.
The handset works on 2 wires, so no induction coil in the phone but a 3 slots earpiece. The handset cord may be original. The transmitter is the same size as the german ones.
Wiring diagram here:

It should polish up quite easily, but will probably never have a high gloss finish.

It has round metal plungers. Some black versions had flat, bakelite plungers.