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Color 5302s

Started by Dennis Markham, June 11, 2009, 12:09:36 AM

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Another great find! Congrats!
Harry Smith
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I  actually saw this yesterday and forgot about it. Then "Mr Helpful"---I now love this guy whomever he was--- asked the question about the markings and dial. This clued me in on it being a 5302.
"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright

Kenny C

I wouldnt have noticed. THe only way I could tell is that the plate under the finger wheel is a shade or two off from the rest of the phone
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  Marie B.


Nice seller, he got this and a yellow donut phone at a garage sale for cheap.
"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright


Hey Dan. Maybe it's the name...

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Kenny C

In memory of
  Marie B.


Quote from: Dennis Markham on January 15, 2011, 03:20:06 PM
... Let me modify my got it for a great price.  I seem to remember one selling in the $1,500 range (pink) a few years back ...

Dan, let me help Dennis here: You STOLE it!

Congratulations sir. A well deserved phone for a great ebay observer.



It came today. My wife has the camera till tomorrow so I will post pics later.

The box had a two inch dent on the side so I was nervous unpacking .. It was ok however, since she followed the packing instructions we talk about so much on this site.

It is the real deal!!  :D ;D.

The housing is 10-3-59 and the handset is a 59 too. ABS, not tenite. The wall cord was cut off even with the base but it was there. I think I can find a 59 pink to use.

It is faded but not yellowed. The dial is slow and I have never lubed a 5-H so I'll just have to figure that out(can't be much different than a WE500)
Interesting markings on the base--it was a 12-50 302 that was refurbed in 10-59 into a pink 5302. WE really was a master at using up the old stock. I have a few 500 pinks and the family really can't tell it much from a regular 500. It also has the adjustable ringer too.

The U-1 element is stuck in the handset so I can't figure out how to get it loose (hairdryer?)

I'll post pictures of this rare phone once I clean her. I am only going to Novus two her, I don't have the nerve to sand this one.  :)
"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright

Craig T

Unreal Dan, congrats! Can't wait to see the pics.

Jim Stettler

A very nice Deal on a very obscure and scarce phone. My hat is off to you.
You should list this in the find of the month .
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You die, you forget it all.


Thanks, I just listed it.
"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright


Finally got a chance to post some pictures. I haven't even wiped off the phone. I hate it when life gets in the way of phones and hobbies ;).

This is really an unusual one. Amazing is the seller got it at a garage sale with a donut phone real cheap. It is really more bubble gum pink than my 500's and a little faded, but I am only going to Novus two her and put up cleaner pictures later.

"Imagine how weird telephones would look if our ears weren't so close to our mouths." - Steven Wright


Looks like the case date is '59, which probably explains the late 50s/early 60s feet.   Nice collection of vermillion refurb marks inside the base, too.    :)    This was a heck of a find, congratulations.   Seller found it at a garage sale... I guess there's still out there if you're in the right place at the right time.



Excellent acquisition. Looking at the footpads used during the last refurb, I noticed they are made of plastic and that they are starting to show some rust on the corners, just like early 60s phones that were retrofitted with these pads from the factory. If you had the time, I would "refurb it at home" one more time and replace those with leather pads, like those recovered by Dennis (the other Dennis). Since this phone is very rare, it would be worth it. My 2 cents.

PS: I tried your magic ultrasonic dust this past weekend, on a dial for Crag T, and I was surprised. That stuff works very well, even though I used tap water. It even brought back the original color to the copper parts. Thanks!

Dave F

Yup, the real McCoy.  A super find at a super price.  Certainly a great candidate for "Find Of The Month".  I've been looking for one of these for years, and I too overlooked this one.  You should get a medal for your "eagle eye".  Congratulations!