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Stromberg-Carlson model 2-1250 2 step hook switch

Started by wds, February 11, 2015, 06:23:25 PM

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Picked this up a couple days ago.  It has a 2 step hook switch - when you pick up the receiver it remains off hook until you press the button.  Although, it's not completely off hook when you lift the receiver.  The ringer still rings, but you can hear the ringer in the handset.  Once you press the button it functions like a normal phone.  Pretty neat phone.  Consistent dates of 1946. 


I always thought that was a cool looking design. Congrats! Please post pictures once you get it cleaned up & shiny!
Harry Smith
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I think that any phone looks great with a WE dial! Great looking phone! ;D
Christian Petterson

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