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Bell Canada Coveralls

Started by ....., May 05, 2017, 07:00:03 PM

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A friend of mine came over with a surprise for me. He gave me a pair of 1972 Bell Canada Coveralls. He had been doing some spring cleaning and came across these. He said that his brother had worked for Bell and had retired years ago. He had forgot that his brother had given them to him many years ago.


Very cool! I like this kind of "go with" stuff! They look to be pretty small hanging on that booth or the booth is very tall?
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They are small size 38 Mediums. My friend said his brother is short. He was a lineman and then moved on to the trench person.


That's not moving up, it's moving down.


Quote from: tallguy58 on May 07, 2017, 08:50:43 PM
That's not moving up, it's moving down.

OK, maybe I got it wrong, I'll ask him again.  :-[


Sounds about right to me.  First they had the overhead phone lines, then they started burying the phone lines.  At least that was how it happened here in the United States!


I got the low down on my friends brother, He started with Bell at age 19 in 1967. The trench job he moved into was a engineers position.  He retired at age 50 in 1998 after 31 years with Bell. He then went to work for a local cable company doing the same job until he retired from that job.