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Restored AE 83 Save a Space finally Finished

Started by RDPipes, July 27, 2022, 01:35:55 PM

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I bought several AE 83's some time back and they'd been sitting so I finally got around to finishing one of them because they came as parts really, missing dials, Induction coils bad and drilled through and missing covers and handsets. So I took the nicest looking one one that had a matching handset to and started on it. Now it was missing a dial, front cover and some nimrod drilled through the induction coil drilling holes to hang it, we discussed this awhile back.
I managed to salvage from the other two I had a good induction coil and the rest of it's innards and a Pink cover. Got it all together and she work flawlessly, now to taker apart and paint everything to match the handset. I went to a automotive paint supplier to get a good color match but, they couldn't mix up the paint I wanted but, so I had to be satisfied with an Acrylic Enamel but, with this type paint I'm going to have to battle with the humidity more but, at this point I haven't a choice.
As you can see the paint did orange peel a bit and it was hard to get it to smooth out much so when this paint is fully cured I'm going to have to rub it out.
This happen because of two reasons, the temps are way to high here along with the high humidity but, again, unless I wanted to wait till fall or spring I didn't have much of a choice, so I took my chances and went ahead and did it. Anyway here's a photo of what I started with and a couple when I was finished. Oh, and I was lucky enough that the same seller of the AE 83's was selling 3 dials that looked suspiciously like the ones missing from 2 of the 83's and I bought those also.  Here it be.

Oh! And please excuse my lousy photos, I just don't have the proper lighting to do this type of photos and the camera sucks no matter what I have it set to, LOL!

Doug Rose



Very nice. Thanks for the detailed info too.

You have some nice phones in your collection that we in the EU seldom or never see.

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Thank you CJ! I don't have much of a collection, only about 20-25 phones I think but, I try to only pick up what I truly like and not just something to fill an empty space.


Quote from: Doug Rose on July 27, 2022, 01:46:43 PMlooks great to me!...Doug

Thank you Doug, once its rubbed out and I get a line cord that matches better it'll look much better I think.


Here's a photo after rubbing the paint out, looks 100% better.
I know my photos aren't always the best so, that is reflection of the side of the light box in the phones front cover. One of these days I'll be able to afford a decent camera and lighting.


You know I think about those AE models like that one that I have had over the years and they were always the most sought by buyers.

I have the other AE Space Saver and a WE nobody wants those as much as these ones.
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Quote from: markosjal on August 02, 2022, 04:11:18 AMYou know I think about those AE models like that one that I have had over the years and they were always the most sought by buyers.

I have the other AE Space Saver and a WE nobody wants those as much as these ones.
Yeah, things go in spurts I think and trends. Now I think the AE183 (last model) is the one everyone is looking for. There fairly plentiful but, its the look their after I believe and I can't blame'em much. LOL!
I see the and AE43's on eBay a lot and nobody wants them it seems, at least not what most are asking while the AE83's ya just don't see much at all. And your right, the WE spacer savers are abundant and not many are selling it seems. But, to be truthful I don't think there very attractive, they look like they were pieced together from spare parts. I do understand that they weren't suppose to be attractive, they were a utility piece designed to be used and abused but, lets face it, people nowadays want attractive.