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Early ITI 332 phone

Started by migette, July 23, 2011, 12:55:32 PM

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This example turned up from a kind dealer in India.

As can be seen from the photos there are subtle differences from the normally encountered ITI 332. The dial is made in England by ATE of Liverpool and is the exact same dial which you normally see made by ITI and fitted to these phones. The other major difference is that the chassis holding the bell, induction coil and capacitor is identical to the British 332 and there are no indications as to who actually manufactured it.
The case has no markings on it whatsoever as far as I can see, but is drilled with brass threaded inserts for screwing the chassis in unlike later ITI versions where these are simply blanked. The plunger buttons are also like the English versions being made of metal rather than plastic.
The base is as seen and has not been drilled for anything except the screwed in feet and the holes for fixing it to the body. Note also the two slotted areas which allow for the sound to exit, this being the only similar feature to the normally seen ITI base, which has the components directly fixed to it, thus saving costs.

The handset has the ITI logo on it with normal transmitter and receiver that would be found on these phones, with one subtle difference. The transmitter connections to the outer body are as you would find in the UK handset which are done by means of a spring connector which is screwed into the handset itself. On later ITI handsets the fixing screws for this spring clip is once again blanked and the wire connecting the microphone is just on a small push in plug, which again is a money saving feature on the later versions.

As can also be seen from the photos the phone is in first class condition and with the fitting of a genuine old ITI cord as apposed to the brand new replacement makes it look more authentic.

I have only needed to clean and adjust spring sets and fitted a more recent ITI transmitter. The transmission and receive quality is fine without having to change the receiver to a rocking armature type which I know can be fitted, thus keeping it more true to type. Also I am not going to put in a more modern transmitter as normally found on many updated mods, mine is genuine.

Hope these notes will be of interest, all comments would be welcome......................



I have 2 sets like yours except the chassis are brass not plated and the dials are ITI.I have a later black set that the parts are fastened to the base and have broken plastic plungers.It would be nice if a red one would appear cheep.