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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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My first new phone in a year at least, a 1956 survivor WE500

Started by Aaron W. Gonya, July 26, 2011, 12:03:58 AM

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Aaron W. Gonya

I know it's not  that early as 500's go but I thought it was a pretty good find for just getting back into the phone hobby.  My local antique maul provided this WE500 from 10/56 last Friday for $10. The cover was loose, the handset cord is shot and something was rattling about inside.

Flipped it over,

Took it home and opened it up.

Dennis Markham

I'd say you got $10 worth.  The bottom looks very nice with foot pads in great shape.  

Aaron W. Gonya

Inside the handset, all '56

Dial is from 1 57

Now I have to fix this, and solve a few other issues...

Aaron W. Gonya

Now the fun part....I really need to learn not to mess with stuff I don't understand.

Being a mechanical sort, or maniacal, or maybe a little of both. I felt the need to get the dial to work again. Once you dialed a number it would not return to the starting position.  So, I took things apart :-[ Happily the dial now does return to it's starting position quite smoothly.  I did have to reposition the cam.  Unhappily, when I hooked the phone up, every time the dial returns I get a shot "beep" of dial tone and it disconnects my call.  I did not try the phone before I took the dial apart so I don't know if I goofed something up or not.

The contacts seem like they are operating in the intended manner, and I don't think they are all that bent up.  I do regret not being better educated before I attempted this.

Any ideas or thoughts?  Also looking for the best method of reattaching the bell and tab.


Are the two pulsing contacts (the ones closest to the cam) making contact with each other when the dial is at rest?  If not, you may need to reposition the cam.