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Pictures of Old Telephone signs

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Every once and awhile I come across a picture of an ole timey phone sign in one of theose RPPC postcards.  Sice these cards are usually unique or very limited, I think we should try to start an archive.

N.E.T.&T Inspectors, Worceter, MA 1898

Street scene Bristol RI.  note the Wooden framed Bell

A happy scene with a 1895 pattern "Local and Long Distance Telephone " flange.  The bell appears to be a variation from the more common type.  Probably a small rural exchange, note the ladder propped up on the side of the building. Possibly Campbellsville, KY

Here is one from Virginia City, NV with a couple of nice old signs

Here's one that is too big to hide behind the pole!!!

These were culled from eBay:

Antique 1910 Bell Telephone Sign Dog Yawning Girl Bows Hair RPPC Photo Postcard

Greg G.:
I love that Virginia City card.  My eyes kept going to the beautiful cars! 

Greg G.:
Here's the same street scene on a different card.  You can still see the Bell sign and a better view of the arrow "telephone" sign.

Cheyenne WY Home Ranch Motel. Two signs. One on motel roof above booth and one on pole to the right.


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