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What model and "version" is the Panasonic 308?

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Greg G.:
Someone on my Youtube channel wanted to know the model and version of my Panasonic 308 PBX.  After looking at what's on the unit itself, I'm not sure.  The trouble-shooting guide on the inside mentions 3 different model numbers and no "version" - KX-T30810, KX-T30820, KX-T30830.

KX-T30810, that's what you have there... :)

Each of these units has type label on the case, as shown attached.   It shows the model number among other data.  The version number of the model  is shown in a circle by the model number and the UL registration logo.   The shown model is  KX-T30810 version 2.   I believe, the version is only shown subsequently to the initial versions which lacked the designation.

KX-T30820 and KX-T30830 are model numbers of compatible telephone sets.

Greg G.:
Thanks Bill.  I assume the label is on the back.  I didn't feel like taking it off the wall to look.

It's on the bottom side, IIRC, not the rear.


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