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EDISON Tele Voicewriter

Started by HarrySmith, July 11, 2017, 02:56:33 PM

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Just picked up this interesting intercom thing. A customer of mine at work brings me in phones once in a while, picks them up at estate sales & flea markets. I have purchased a couple from him in the past, a 302 and a manual B-1. He brought this in today, I told him it is not really a phone and offered him $10.00 for it. He said, I paid $40.00! I said sorry, I can only offer $10.00 so he took it, probably paid $5.00 or less! Anyway it has a very nice case marked AA1, dated 1-30-51 and a mint base with the ringer mount in it plus a nice WE F-3 PPT handset, could not locate a date on the handset but the receiver is dated 5-54, the cap 6-51, the tranmitter is dated 6-51 and the cap 4-51, a 124-F condensor dated I51, a good brown cloth line cord, dated IV 50 with a fat rubber handset cord dated II 50.  Not sure what I am going to do with it, might build a 302 out of it. It has a WE handset but the bottom is marked made in Canada, I am thinking the intercom was built in Canada?
Harry Smith
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