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Using PDF software to print Forum topics, topic pages or PM conversations.

Started by TelePlay, October 15, 2017, 10:54:21 AM

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A question was asked in another topic of how to print topics or conversations seen on the Forum. The Forum does not have a print function but anything can be printed to a printer or better yet, a pdf file for storage on disk. I took the time to outline what I use to create pdf files of single pages, a range of pages or the complete topic, and even how to create topics by appending printed pages from another source (in the second pdf file attached, pages created in MS Word).

This is posted here for access to anyone who may want to explore this way to save information found on the Forum.

There are more than a few pdf printers available including Adobe Acrobat which has been around for a long time.

I prefer to use PrimoPDF, and easy to install and use software printer which is a free download from

Select the free (left red box in the attached example image below) download, not the pay for premium "X'd" out download. Over 27 million downloads so it must be popular.

I have it on all my machines. Rather than using the shortcut Ctrl-P, I do the "File" and "Print Preview" route which allows me to select the PrimoPDF printer and then choose landscape or protrait and can also select the scaling from 100% on down to make sure the file to be printed shows well on the pages to be printed. You can also select one or a range of pages or all pages.

After setting up the view, clicking on print allows selection of print quality. e-Book is fine for most print jobs.

The attached file is an example - a print of this topic

After printing, it opens up the viewer to see how it printed and if there is something objectionable, the Print Preview and changes settings will work to fix the issues and then simply over write the bad file when printing again.

This software also allows one to print one page and then print a different page and append it to the first page. This was done to create the second file attached.

It's not a one step print process but it has enough options to do the job as you want it to be done since it is an important file you want to keep, so a few extra clicks and selected options is well worth the time.

Once you do a few print jobs, it's a lot easier to do than explain. The learning curve on this pdf printing software is quite steep.

This software allows as much creativity as you want to put into your project. Trial and error is the best way to get what you want.

Others can post there methods as replies to this topic, including links to their software sources and examples of what the printed product looks like.