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Kids and payphones

Started by Dan F, May 27, 2018, 04:05:52 AM

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Dan F


Yes, but even when mine were very young, they would play around with my payphone 's. I have to admit I never heard how do you text?
I have showed them pictures of candle sticks, 500's 2500's.
So they have seen old phones. They are 8/9 respectively .


Stuck hook switch, and the coin return lever was installed improperly.

The least they could have done was to tease the kids with a phone that was properly assembled.
Instead, I'm guessing that this one was "removed from service" and it's not been treated kindly.


 Lol, I didn't watch it that long, and your right! They must have used an elcotel coin return, because if it were a western it only goes in one way. The dial chassis was most likely busted or force fit to look correct.
Oh well time marches on and things like the payphone are going away..... They call it progress, I have to wonder.. though I have seen videos where people still want them, some can't afford a cell phone, others say if the battery died on their cell, they can still use a payphone. So it will be interesting to see.
When I was growing up, older kids would beat the daylights out of a three slot out side a pharmacy. They finally removed it. I think they put one in the pharmacy, and a couple other stores to avoid vandalism.


darn, always when watching something like this I'm beginning to feel old ;)




Whenever someone posts a video like this on facebook I post a picture of a 2 or 3-boxer and ask them to explain how to make a phone call with one of those.  They always fail.  Meanwhile, if I can't figure out my smart phone I ask a teenager!

Here is my 9-year old's attempt to explain a Gray coin collector on an old NET&T phone:
Greg Sargeant
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Yea I got a chuckle out of the how do you text remark.
But hey these kids are being raised on cell phones and tablets. But it was funny, but Yea it tends to make someone like me feel old too. Oh well, age is just a number, right?


This si honestly painful to see! I'm in my late teens, and I've made calls and used payphones before. I only got a Cell Phone 3 years ago. Didn't need one then, but it has become a vital part of life. I still prefer my landline...
My Cousin has a 6 year old daughter who one day told me (While i was rewiring the telephone jacks at my Grandfathers house) "Grammy's house is the only one with one of those wire phones. Why doesn't she just use her cell phone?"
Neither me or my Grandparents will give up the landline (POTS) without a fight...
Andy R...

My grandfather spent 40+ years at Illinois Bell. Thanks to him, I'm a nut for real telephones! Another breed of Phone Phreak... D. Lipp, 1938-2018


I have not had cell phone service since 2010. If I need to call someone I am down to Google Voice and looking for wifi on a smartphone I carry around In my front yard sits a pay phone that all the neighborhood kids have used at least once in their lives. One recently told me his cell phone went dead so he had to use one of the real payphones in front of the 7-11 a mile from here to make a call but joked how he had to find quarters because unlike my phone there are no quarters in the coin return.