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Gray Paystation question

Started by Markgregory, August 12, 2018, 04:13:53 AM

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Payphone installer

Look at the early number 14 in the picture. It  has a large brass tag,I have never seen this collector as there are many I could never find.

Payphone installer

Early Gray collector in the shape of a Bell, Very Rare. The earliest collectors the whole bottom came off. Its a quick way to spot a early one.

Payphone installer

Early shield with riveted brass card and bottom that removes. 

Payphone installer

Another early shield with removable bottom. Brass riveted tag with matching key number on the tag and in the drawer.

Payphone installer

Another very early Gray note how like the bell the number 5 arm is molded in the front.


Quote from: Payphone installer on August 12, 2018, 11:34:23 AM
Gray number 20

I compared the measurements on my model 14 to the page in the Gray book you posted and it is different in all dimensions. Bummer, but good to know. Glad I posted this topic. Hopefully, everyone will learn from the info you gave us.  Mark