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Hello there! HB-1301-B?

Started by verulamtelephone, September 30, 2018, 01:56:06 AM

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Hi there...i've tried posting a couple of times with photos, but it didn't go through: so here is another attempt!

Thanks Dennis Markham for the add - I thank you!

I've hunted high and low, to no avail, so hopefully someone here might be able to help!

Recently, I bought a phone booth from a junk dealer, and it actually came with a phone inside! 

It is a GTE 120B type single-slot (right side), but I cannot identify the main board.  It has HB-1301-B printed on the top left of the PCB, has a 16-pin (8x2) ribbon cable to connect to the touchtone pad which is marked TULLC 120C, it has a relay with part number HD550002C on it, and the lower body is stamped AUG 10 1993 48V.  There is a sticker inside that says the warranty expires 11-07-97.  The main processor on the board is marked C305 10-93.

I will try again after this to post a photo of it!






It would be awesome if anyone can identify this board and point me in the right direction for some documentation...otherwise I would be open to advice on what kind of board to replace it with, that will work with the other equipment already in the phone!

Many thanks!



Welcome to CRPF David

I can't help you, but I sure there is someone here that can.


Hi Duffy!

Thanks for the BIG welcome ~ :D



Looks like this unit is a Quadrum 120C.

Thanks to all who looked...