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W.E. Payphone questions

Started by FABphones, October 01, 2018, 08:30:35 AM

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This has come up for sale. Seller says it's 1970's. No make or model given. Not much info given except no keys. Seller doesn't know if working.

So, this is all pure guesswork on my part:

It is a Protel? (if so I don't know which model # - poss a Western Electric Protel 1D2 8000?)
It is 1990's + ?
Needs re-programming to function?

If any of my guesses are correct, that's all I know so far.   ::)

I've searched CRPF for info but on the threads I've checked the photos are of the inside, not the outside. Without a photo taken from the front I haven't a clue what I'm looking at/for.  :-[

Poss a bit modern, but any info welcome please.
Many thanks.  :)
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Jim Stettler

It is a WE bottom. See if the seller can take a photo of the back to get a model number of the phone.
Good luck,
Jim S.
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The best way to tell if it has a protel board installed, is to look inside. If you want it to operate as a coin operated phone you will need a protel board of some sort.
But then it may need to be programmed.
But if it has no keys, the hardest part is getting the set opened without cutting it open.
There is a way to drill the vault door, but you need to find the template. It's here under WE payphones, payphone installer posted it.
But for the upper lock..  my way wasn't liked here so I won't post it again.
Chances are it has a 32 chassis in it and is wired as a D set.

Payphone installer

The phone is a W/E case and you can't tell anything else. It is a later phone as there is no bell on the front. Better to buy when you know what your buying. The best place to start is with the question what do you want?


Thanks all for helping me know a bit more than I did when I started this thread. The info is noted for another time.

As suspected, this one not right for me, but it's good to learn.  :)
A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble