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Easyphone ?

Started by FABphones, December 13, 2018, 01:41:08 PM

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This came up for sale, had only been listed for half an hour ish. I bought it without any knowledge of it whatsoever. A bit modern maybe, but never seen anything like it. Cost was a few cents over $30. Seller says it is a 1970's phone? Nothing on CRPF that I can find.

Ohoh. What have I bought?   :-\
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They were sold as privately owned pay phones.  They might be Japanese.  Around here, many businesses bought them thinking that they would make money off of people who needed to make phone calls, but I don't think that the idea was very successful for most.



Ha!!! there you go.
Put that one in the guest bedroom!
And listen for comments, lol

Jim Stettler

Back in the day ITT Kellogg made a similar set.
Here is a thread for a red one that Doug Rose got.

This is a 3 slot rotary model. They also made single slot versions.
Jim S.
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