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Someone tipped me off about these switchboards in a building near me. The owner probably doesn't want them, and I was thinking of getting them.
Here are some pics I took through the window.

those are some monsters there.
Good luck  :)

good Luck with optaining them... hopefully the owner will sell them at a good price. salvaging telecom equipment is fun. I did it last year and got quite a haul, but trying to resell the unit, a ITT 501A I got no takers because the unit has to be picked up in person. so, I wound up adding a 212KTU to the unit and still have to rewire the unit.... if I get it done this year, it might just be up for sale.... will keep everone informed.... anyway the unit looks great and good luck getting the switchboards.

Apparently they don't want them, and I could probably get them for free. Or at least that's what my friend told me

Well good luck, those look huge, but free is a great price you can't beat.


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