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Western Electric 5J Clear Plastic Finger Wheel

Started by Ejbasnett, January 19, 2018, 10:13:48 PM

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Hi! Does anyone know the part number and/or where to find a clear plastic finger wheel for a WE 5J? I pulled the dial out of an old parts 50AL and have a 302 I'd like to throw it in (all my other 302s have brass or aluminum finger wheels). As you can see, the finger wheel has seen better days. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Enoch Basnett

Jim Stettler

Hi Enoch,
What color is the set?
My understanding is that We used different part numbers on different color sets. The number was based on the color of the set. It may sound strange but it was based on  Bell Labs research and data logging.

As far as finding a replacement finger wheel for the dial. many finger wheels will interchange.

Just trying to inform the masses and muddy the search,

Sorry for that,
Jim S.
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That is the 2nd generation transparent finger wheel, used from 1947-1952 on 5J dials. Part number is P-372629.

If you use a later type transparent finger wheel -- one with a small hole for releasing the finger wheel --  you also have to change the metal adapter that holds the finger wheel in place. Unfortunately, the adapters that are readily available fit the later 6D or 7C dials, but not the 5J.
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There are adapters for the late-style fingerwheel to 5J dials - I have run across more that a few, but I think E-Bay, by Saving this search, is the only way to find one, unless you run across somebody who has one and will sell it to you.