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New on C*NET & the PSTN Howard Harte's Millennium Manager

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, May 05, 2020, 07:54:50 PM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

I just finished putting up a permanent raspberry pi zero w for Howard Harte's wonderful software Millennium Manager

Now those of you with Millennium's can call in via the PSTN or C*NET and set your Millennium Payphone up. 

Just follow this from Howard Harte's github page

"Provisioning the Millennium Terminal is accomplished through the craft access menu on the terminal itself. For this, you will need the terminal's access code, and a PIN. The default Access Code is 2727378 (CRASERV).

With the upper housing of the phone locked, take the handset off the cradle and replace it. Then key in 2727378 (CRASERV.) You will be prompted for a PIN, use anything above 50000, like 55555. Unlock the upper housing with a T-Key when prompted. You do not need to open the upper housing."

Follow on-screen prompts on the Terminal to install.

Key in this Terminal's telephone number (10-digits) NPA-NXX-XXXX.

Key in this Terminal's 10-digit serial number (1234567890 is fine.)

Key in the Manager's phone number (Whatever number you use to access my hosted Millennium Manager)

PSTN (315)-898-1050
C*NET 1-588-9000
NPSTN 588-9000

Here is a link to his github page 

Thanks to Howard for all his hard work. 


How to install it on the computer? I have windows 10 64bit... I can't install it. I have a millennium demo which is stuck on out of service...thank you Eric