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Storage Space - Photos

Started by Dennis Markham, April 13, 2009, 09:11:13 PM

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Vintage autos would be a good subject to discuss.

The More People I meet, The More I Love, and MISS My Dog.  Dan Robinson


On the subject of reducing photo file sizes to conserve forum storage space, I convert pics to grayscale whenever color is not needed.  Most "black and white" photo files on the internet are in RGB mode, and converting them to grayscale reduces the file size a lot.  Plus I just think black and white pics look classy. 8)


If you go back to your topics and unmark the pictures, does it delete them and save you storage?
I don't mind all my pics being deleted. I don't really know much about compression, but, will use the 640 size.
Sorry about the space.

Dennis Markham

ntophones, no need to delete your photos.  It's good if everyone could resize their photos prior to upload to save space.  We had a problem a couple months back things have been going smoothly since.