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Salesman Samples, Promos and other Miniature Telephones

Started by Dewdrop, October 16, 2010, 04:31:11 PM

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Cool, Mike! Glad you got them, it was a good deal. My thought exactly, keep 2 and trade for other colors with the rest. I think the gray ones are harder to find. I had 2, traded one for a red one!
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Dark blue miniature 500

          $209.16 !!
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My mini's.  No record prices here  :-\




They have those at an antique store a couple towns over. They seem smaller, are they worth picking up?


Most of these are about 4" long (longest dimension) and often sell for $10 - 20 in common colors.  Like the larger phones, the dark shades of gray, blue, beige and brown go for considerably more.
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Hey Guys
These were a bargain buy from Ebay :)


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Dave F

Here's a heavy cast-brass 302 paperweight.  From it's size, weight and construction, it looks like it was made by the same folks who produced the "50 Millionth..." 500 set brass miniature (seen previously in this topic).  It's interesting that it was apparently made with no finger stop. This is one very nice miniature I had never seen before now.


I recently acquired a black miniature 500 set, so I have a complete set with the exception of an Oxford Grey. Several of the sets were originally music boxes or pen holders. They are usually identified by the lack of indentations in the bottom of the set (see the picture of the green and mahogany brown sets for comparison. The music box and pen holder sets are the same dimension as the display sets, as shown by the green and brown handset reversal.

Several of the sets had broken finger wheels that i replaced from an extra set (see the finger wheel on the Mediterranean Blue set that I have not yet replaced). I copied the number plates from the Telephone Archive Web site.



Chuck, that's a very nice collection of 500 promos. I've found that black is especially hard to find, as are turquoise, dark blue, brown and dark gray. I can't tell which of yours is light beige and which one is dark beige. They both look dark beige to me. Light beige is also not easy to find, with the black numbers and letters on the dial. I'm not sure why.

It's great you could find all the different colors.


I am somewhat surprised that they made them in black at all.  I thought that the point of these samples was to try to sell customers on color phones by showing them the various color choices.  Just about everyone already knew how black looked.

I have only yellow and ivory samples and a pink Princess.