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Hi All;
I have just acquired a 557 Switchboard.. I know what it is... I have attached basic voltage (27 volts) and used a 1050 Telephone Analyzer for ringing.. I have tried it on different cables lines, and I get NO blinking lights of on and off... Am I missing something ???? Here are some pictures...

Hi All;
more pictures..

Hi Marty:

I am not familiar with this board, and while some here may have answers, I am afraid I can't help at all.  It has all the earmarks of a learning project.  I see you have posted the same question on the TCI listserve and you have received some replies but not a lot.

Switchboards are funny things, since there were so many variations, and a LOT of customization went in to each installation.  Many, such as the 552 I have resided behind a great big room full of PBX switches, such as the 701 PBX.  In other words, mine was not a stand-alone unit and does nothing all by itself. 

I think the 555's and the 557's were more stand-alone units that can be made to function without a separate room full of switching equipment.

Good luck with it, and I think eventually one of the switchers from the TCI list server will eventually come up with an answer for you.

Hi All;
Bill, yes, I have made some progress on the board. I can hook up a phone to a 'Stal' line and a light lights up and shows that a phone has gone off hook... I also have hooked up my phone line to the 'TRK' trunk lines and can patch the two together with the patch cord and it will work, I then can call out on the WE 500 phone attached to it... On the trunk line I doesn't show a light but maybe it only lights when it "rings"... I have NOT had any luck with the Secratrial lines , I can attach it to my phone line but nothing goes through as of yet...  THANKS for the encouragement...

555 is a stand along PBX and the older versions of the 555 are 551A and 551B PBX's. Then as Bill says there are operators positions that fronted SxS and Crossbar PABX's AND there are ANswering Service boards. I get them all mixed up besides the 551/555 PBX's but I THINK the 557 is an ANswering service board. Thus instead of a few trunks and lots of inside stations, they have LOTS of trunks and few or possibly even NO inside stations. From the pictures I'm going with this (557) being an Answering service board.

So if you applied talk and ring voltage across any of the trunk circuits I would think you might get some sort of incoming indication but in all liklihood the board needs power connected to it to operate as well.



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