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What is required to make a WE 555 Cord Board work?

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Ed D:
Hi guys,

I have a WE 555 board that I am slowly (Read: VERY SLOWLY) taking apart, cleaning up, and will have it displayed in my future "Man Cave."  Right now, it will be for show.  BUT - I keep getting the wild idea to set it up and make it work, running my house phone through it, and perhaps a second phone line as well.

I believe that I need some kind of electric power to get it to run as I doubt that the juice in the regular phone line is enough to drive that board.

Is there anyone who can let me know what is required to do this, and also point me to the schematics (even a simple diagram like "attach Tip wires here and Ring wires there?"

Help?  My brain is overloaded, and I need to know if this is even a good idea.

Thanks much!

They are not powered by the phone line power, and do require a separate power supply of either 24 volts or 48 volts, I don't know which, because unfortunately, I don't have one.  They would also need a source of 20 Hz ringing current, which can be had from a 1A2 key system 115A frequency generator, which come up on e-Bay every so often, and are readily available. 

Others here have 555's and there are circuit diagarams available, and many have a schematic attached to the back door of the board.

If you can read a schematic diagram, there are plenty of them out there on the TCI document repository, which can be downloaded.  They are NOT as easy as connecting a 500 phone to a phone line, to be sure.  If you don't yet read schematics, it will be a learning experience.

I believe what you are trying to do is do-able, providing there are trunk circuits for outside telephone line connections, which a 555 shoud have.

Good luck.

Yes it isn't too complicated. As Bill says, you need a power supply with good filtered DC talk battery and AC ringing voltage in it. I had my 555 hooked up to 24VDC and it worked just fine. There are several pins on the block inside the cabinet that you hook the AC & DC to and then away you go.


The diagrams for a 555 or a Leich L55 will both work and old 1a2 powersupplies should be easy to locate. If you can solder this is not hard.
You might have to clean some of the plugs and jacks .

Ed, You can get a Key System Power Supply that will have all the voltages and ringing frequency that you need. The ringing power goes to terminals 22 and 24. The 24VDC goes -24 (ring) to terminal 1. +24 (tip) goes to 45,46,47,48. Some BSP's for the 555 that are in the TCI Library are 536-550-110 and 536-550-230. I have other BSP's on it but I don't know if they are in the TCI Library. That is about as far as I have made it with my 555. It is on my long list of things to do.
Doug Pav


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