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I have just ordered a switchboard operator headset to plug into my Western Electric 555 switchboard.

I have a power supply and can get the buzzer plus lamps to light.  What do I need to do to be able to  answer an incoming call through the headset?

I have wired these before. Wire your telephone line to an incoming trunk. when called the buzzer should buzz any you should be able to answer,look on the interner for a WE 555 or Leich L55 switchboard. I used an old 1A2 power supply.

Connect to the ringing trunk by plugging in one of the cords. I think that a specific cord is needed for this, not a particular cord set but either the front or the rear cord, probably the rear. Then I believe that you turn the associated lever to the right to connect the operators circuit and talk.

Then you can plug the other cord of the pair to the station that you want to put the call through to, press the ring button (while turning the magneto crank if you don't have a ringing power supply). When the station answers you return the lever to verticle positon to connect the trunk to the station and remove yourself (operator) from the circuit.

Without looking up the instructions, that is how I remember it. If anyone has better info please reply as well.


I think there may be information on the 555 in the TCI library.  The 555 is probably the most used switchboard among collectors.  Go to, (which takes you to then choose the TCI library and then do a search for 555.  It's free.


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Does www/ rather than www.  work and did you mean .ORG rather than .ORD ?

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