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Assortment of X Telecom and PMG phones, meters, etc.. For Sale

Started by XKAV8R, May 10, 2012, 07:48:00 AM

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Hi to all.. I`m not actually a collector of phones, but an antique bottle collector.. I do however keep my eye`s open for anything old and interesting in my travels. I deal with the local antique and secondhand shop owners.. One of them has just come into a heap of gear down here in the South West of Western Australia.. They would like to get rid of everything in one go. I suggested we look for a Forum of phone collectors and see if there is anyone here in WA that may be interested.. There are telecom and PMG test phones, meters, including decibels, voltage, and stuff I`ve never seen,, old bakelite swithboard headsets, switchboard cables, rotary phone parts, old telecom calling cards.. There is approx. a 6 x 4 trailer full of the stuff... I`ve taken some photo`s and will try to place them on here.. Please message me if you are interested, or know someone who may be.. Thank you all.. regards. Rick.

Images continued at this link:

Russ Kirk

You can also try contacting the Australian Historical Telephone Society


- Russ Kirk


Thank you Russ... :)

And, more images.


I'm from WA. What sort of money is the vendor asking? Most of it probably won't suit the the general vintage phone market but there may be something in there to suit me and and others in my collecting circle