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Yellow SC1543

Started by LarryInMichigan, July 14, 2013, 06:15:31 PM

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I just finished reassembling this phone (ebay link, ref forum link).  It is now together and working thanks to a few generous forum members who provided the missing parts.  The phone came out fairly well.  The shell is soft plastic, and the handset and caps are some sort of very hard and heavy plastic.  There are some pits and gouges in the shell which I was not able to sand out.  The dial bezel is back-painted clear plastic.  The ringer is a SL.  The transmitter and receiver elements and some of the internal parts have the same curious "734" printed in vermillion on them.  Does anyone here know what it means?

Overall, I think that I got a good deal.



Very nice! I love the way those dials and finger wheels feel and like the dial sounds..



Larry, It's a beauty you did a fantastic job.  Now gimme!! ;D

Dennis Markham

Turned out very nice, Larry.  Nice phone and nice always.


Quote from: Dennis Markham on July 14, 2013, 10:00:40 PM
Turned out very nice, Larry.  Nice phone and nice always.

Thank you.  The yellow line cord certainly helps.  The phone arrived with a yellow coiled handset cord of the type which would go to a G-type handset, in place of the line cord.  That handset cord went into my spare cord drawer awaiting a yellow phone which needs it.