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Problems posting PNG images

Started by markosjal, February 09, 2023, 05:00:12 PM

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PNG images seem to fail!

I recently tried to post some PNG images (because they support transparency) and they consistently failed.

I ended up zipping them

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If your png images are greater than 3 MBytes, they will not upload.

This attached trophy png has been downsized to about 500 KBytes on its largest side and it uploaded.

I then unzipped your 2 dial plates and tried to upload them and they failed. There is something in those png images you created that does not or is not accepted by the image uploading software.

The zipped files are fine, I could open them and print them with the transparency layer.

I removed the transparency layer and they still failed to upload.

I then downsized your images from 6,000 pixels on the largest side to 3,000 pixels, saved it with the transparency in place and it uploaded fine.

Seems like your attempt to upload a 6,000 pixel image was the cause of your problems. To upload images larger than 4,032 pixels on the largest side, I would suggest zipping them as you did.

Your problem was due to image size, not file size.

Now we know about the issue you discovered.

12 MP images are 4,032 on the largest side. I don't recall anyone every trying to upload 6,000 pixel images before this.


They are FULL pages at 600DPI for printing.

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Quote from: markosjal on February 11, 2023, 01:14:17 AMThey are FULL pages at 600DPI for printing.

Yes they are so what's the point?

They are just TOO big in size causing a stack overflow on the server when processing, when checking the images for harmful, hidden malware which it does to every image posted.

The overflow results in the dreaded white screen that can only be removed by deleting the image from the attachments or deleting the reply.

Doesn't matter what you call it, full page, half page or quarter page, it is still 6,000 pixels on its largest size which causes the sever to lock up and nothing can be done get around that, except to post small images - 4,000 or less.

Or try 300 DPI. I've found even PhotoShop has difficulty processing large sized 600 DPI images and reducing the image to 300 DPI resolves the PhotoShop processing issues.

ZIP 'em . . .    a reasonable and available solution.

It's not a png problem, it's a size problem that would occur with any image format if the image were 6,000 pixels on its largest side.


I just pointed out the NEED that it is PNG and FULL PAGE SIZE. yes I could go to 300DPI but I want the lines on the faceplates to be clean and given transparency the higher resolution is helpful.

Really too bad you do not understand my point.  Not only that, but you are quick too disregard it.

I did run a SMF board years ago as I recall there is a PHP upload file size limit and I think that is what you are running into with this problem. It is a simple PHP setting.
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I wasn't addressing your intended usage of the images.

I was addressing your initial complaint that your png images could not be uploaded by pointing out the facts of why you couldn't upload your png images.

Fact is they are TOO big and need to be reduced in size or zipped to be uploaded.

The images crash due to server stack overflow when recoding very large images to prevent malicious code from being inserted into images. Remember the "red flagged" images that happened frequently before the recode option was activated?