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Anybody Try Dura Coat

Started by johnnyjt, May 29, 2013, 10:28:53 AM

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I have seen Dura Coat ads for many years in Gun Magazines but
I never thought of using it on a phone.  It sounds doable.
Well there is one on Ebay.

JohnnyJT    8)
South Philly

Greg G.

I'm a little averse to painting vintage phones, mostly due to the tedious prep and procedures and also because I have very limited space to work in, but the DuraCoat looks promising.  I like the fact that it comes in single-use, all-inclusive kits.  I also like his choice of the semi-gloss finish for black, always my favorite.  It says only the metal parts were treated, I wonder what he did to the handset to get it as nice looking.
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