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BT payphone 190 (non dial junk, sorry)

Started by gpo706, May 16, 2011, 01:00:39 AM

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Here is what we may call the 2nd generation of table-top BT payphones:

Nice for less than 20 quid, can't wait to get it powered up with fresh batteries and start piling my loose change into it - not that I have much of that...

"The first BT payphone available for sale as well as rental was launched. Until now BT had offered private payphones for rental only. Known as the Payphone 190"

Comes in 2 versions:

190MP (meter pulsed), 109SC (self contained), luckily this one of the latter, otherwise I'd need a phone engineer. (Well I could always do with a phone engineer, but don't we all).


Picked up a couple of these on a separate auction to complement it:

"now this should take five minutes, where's me screwdriver went now..?"


I do like the payphone signs.

With a copy of Atkinson and a 555 timer chip it shouldn't be too difficult to cobble together a meter pulse circuit.


Yes Owain the signs are the best part so far!

I fired it up with the four "C" cells, luckily the batterys had been removed and the compartment was clean.

It came with a well worn photocopy of the manual, so I had a shot and it programmed OK, however the busted lock seems to complete a circuit to programming chip (the "PIC" - plug in customiser- a slide in circuit board to regulate the rates used by the phone) its dated 3/91 and has the number of the local exchange to fix the rates - it's 0392 which is Exeter.

As usual the info card and perspex cover had long gone, so thats the only clue I have to its location.

The programming is fairly straightforward and I had a few experiments - I set a 3 second delay with the PBX POTS access 9, and tone, it didnt like this, but when set to loop dials out fine, when on loop an addition 0.8 sec delay is built in over the DTMP of 3.0 secs delay exactly.

The busted lock is a simple affair and keeping it in its correct position and turning with a flat headed screwdriver locks the simple hook onto the top of the casing, however if you hook it too tightly on it reverts to "999" calls only, instead of flashing the normal "10p" display, so I guess its hooked into the circuit, but your call recipient does get the enjoyable aural experience of payphone tones till you press the answer button!

Lastly the coin mechanism is fine for ejecting to the repay box on a vertical flipper, the horizontal one under the coin which accepts the coins into the cashbox doesn't seem to be operating and when the press on answer button is used its just coughs the coin into the return tray and disconnects the call.

Oh and a fine bit of packaging, wrapped in two layers of newspaper and some parcel paper over that, you could even tell what it was by looking at the parcel!

Another sickly one to be nurtured...
"now this should take five minutes, where's me screwdriver went now..?"