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The British Telecom CT6000C "Moneybox" Payphone...

Started by twocvbloke, January 26, 2013, 04:32:22 PM

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Thought I'd do a separate thread for proper discussion on this... ;D

Well, finally got round to taking some pictures of the phone, and even a short video of it too (cos I was trying out my new Samsung Galaxy S3's camera functions!!), so, here's the phone in pictures, though, it looks pretty much the same as what I posted in the auction thread on it... :D

They're in no particular order, mostly cos the autofocus on my new mobile phone is a bit on the Sony side (auto-focussing whenever it likes, especially in the middle of trying to get good pictures!!!), the video I'll put in the last post... ;D


Another set:


And the last lot, with the video link.... ;D

The last one is the reversible coin slot showing that there possibly are 20p versions out there, or that it was a future upgrade that never happened...  ???


Oh, and a pic of a G-type handset on the CT6000C... ;D