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Radio collector?

Started by Whitcrane76, May 05, 2019, 04:57:40 PM

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So I went to the local auction last night just to see what they had, wound up bidding on an old tube radio. They had two for sale, I bid it up to $9 and won buyers choice. I picked one and they gave me the other for the same price. I got both for $18! So I guess now I collect radios too!


Now you have some old radios to complement your old telephones!


That zenith is super cool.  Owl eye they call it.


Tread Lightly there my friend. Vintage radio collecting is just as addictive as phones.  A couple of our long time members have switched to radios. Both endeavors are equally satisfying though.I personally have about 50 radios, some still in the boxes I received them in.  IF you get my meaning.
I have a small AM transmitter that I built from a kit  SStran AMT 3000. I like to put Old time radio show CD's into my computer and broadcast them to the radios. Theater of the MIND.


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