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Useful switchboard parts or boat anchor material?

Started by bob833, September 02, 2020, 11:01:13 AM

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I picked up a box of these parts at an auction and the box was heavy! 56Lbs. :o
I have seen the lights and lever on ebay but not the other relays,if that is what they are.
If anyone knows what the relays or switches are for, any info would help. I have over 100 of the relays, picture is only a partial of the total parts.
Somebody out there might be looking for this stuff for a project.


Hi Bob.
You ave what looks like a ton of cord set relays, some mis matched key switches,and some lites.
The relays are really only good for someone like myself, who builds/rebuilds cord sets.
If you can find the type stamp on them, it may help you unload some???
I am looking for a couple relays for a Stromberg project.
AS, CS types. if you have them I would buy them from you.

Jim Stettler

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Rod, I don't want to seem like a dumb ass but with these I am a self confessed dumb ass.
I looked for some identification numbers on some of the relays and didn't see as or cs on them.
some have TT1 , T1  MA, along with r-1410, U476 47, U667 and R-1889.
I would need help to identify the relays you would need. Are any shown in the pictures?
The guy that had these work for Bell for years, he must have seen some value in these parts to keep them.
Jim, if you can pass the word on about these part that would help.
I went to the link you posted, I really don"t know about 10 line exchange.
Hey, if i can help someone out and make a couple bucks it help both of us out.
I would rather sell them here and bypass ebay.
Thanks guys for the help, Bob.


Hey Bob.

The part numbers need to be translated.
There were a few manufacturers makin parts for the Bell effort.
The next effort, could be in a resistance measurement of the coils in the relays.
That would bring us a little closer.
As far as the 10 line, 10 identical relays of the same resistance, and switch count, would suffice.
But there again, you would need the translation, and/or know what resistance they needed to be.
Does anyone here know where the part number descriptions could be found?
I know there are pages of this stuff, but don't have it at hand.


Rod here are some of the relay pictures.