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Help ID this phone.

Started by Dan/Panther, June 24, 2010, 03:09:09 PM

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Not sure if you would get 10 miles in zone 5 on anything other than very heavy gauge cable. 26 milliamps or 23 ma absolute minimum current flow is considered the lowest current flow acceptable.

Interestingly they would always use light guage (26 ga) cable around the CO and then go to 22 ga further out and finally 19 ga way out from the CO. The heavier gauge cable that fed the distant locations didn't go all the way back to the CO, it was spliced onto the ends of the lighter gauge cable that was in the close vicinity to the CO. Doesn't matter where the heavier gauge portions are located so the easiest place to put it is at the distant end of the run.

That's the extent of my outside plant engineering knowledge!



Oh the things we can get away with, in the world of low voltages!  Such as splicing larger-gauge conductors onto the ends of smaller-gauge conductors! 

Yeah my knowledge of outside plant is limited too.  Unlike switching systems, you can't just build an entire outside plant distribution system in your basement, so the only people who really know it are a small priesthood in the telcos.