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another good vendor

Started by Babybearjs, January 12, 2012, 01:48:11 AM

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for anyone interested.... I was looking for some 25 pair cabling and came across another vendor worth looking into.... I found some cat5 25Ft cables for LESS then $7.00 each! (and in colors) for anyone looking for decent prices for wiring parts, they got my business! check them out!


I think you missed a hyphen, there was no site at that address you posted, but there was with an extra hyphen added:



I have bought 25 pair 1A2 cable from them and have had no problems.


Did they have lengths of 25 pair or were they available with Amphenol type connectors as well?

Might be good to rename this thread something like  - Source of 25 Pair telephone Cables.

Most threads in this section have titles that easily identify what their product is which makes searching the list quick and easy without having to go through each thread to learn just what they sell.

Moderators OR babybearjs can change the original title.



it was bulk pvc cat 3 telco wire by the foot. They also have plenum grade.   I got 200 feet of it and it came wound on a small wooden spool in a box.  nice bright pair marker colors.  they have cat 5 and 6 wire by the foot too.

Dunno if they have made up amphenol cables,  I know Sandman does and will make custom lengths.


sorry about the typo guys... you all seemed to find the link OK... got my first order yesterday, very pleased with the product... pass the word....   John