"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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General Discussion / Re: Postage/Shipping Costs!
Last post by dsk - Today at 02:42:52 AM
And on the top of that I use to calculate 1/3 of the total for customs etc 
Example The object cost $100, Shipping with Ebay $100 and tax $66  So the object to $100 ends at $266!  >:(
General Discussion / Re: Postage/Shipping Costs!
Last post by poplar1 - Today at 12:55:08 AM
I haven't decided whether to enroll in eBay's latest "international shipping plan." It appears to be a replacement -- or an additional option? -- for "eBay global shipping program" and "eBay international shipping."

In any case, here are the "International Shipping Plan" rates  from the U.S. (not including import duties or sales tax) of "what your buyer will pay" for a few countries. (Others can be downloaded.) Weights shown are in pounds ("lbs.") and rates are in U.S. dollars.
For Sale / Re: Re: For Sale: Black ‘54 W...
Last post by wecoguy - Yesterday at 11:52:58 PM
Anyone interested in this nice 65 year gem?  Make an offer.  Russ 
I think 51AL.  The perch has been painted or powder coated and the stamp is indistinct.  Will try to view the hookswitch tomorrow.  Thank you!
To make a 5H, 4H, 2H, or 6A dial equivalent to the 2A which was originally used on dial candlesticks, connect BB and R dial terminals together with a short piece of wire ("strap").

What is the model of your phone? 50AL, 51AL, 151AL, or something else? Look on the "perch" that holds the transmitter for the model number.

Also, how many contacts are on the hookswitch -- 3? 4?
I have a good ringer for $15.00 + shipping.

Even though they started mass-producing the 500 in 1950, they kept making the 302 into 55, and kept making the components and the F type handset well into the 70s.

Technical "Stuff" / Re: Coin Validator for 1D2 Sin...
Last post by TelePlay - Yesterday at 06:46:54 PM
REF: Mars payphone coin scanner
Technical "Stuff" / Coin Validator for 1D2 Single ...
Last post by Cereal - Yesterday at 06:33:58 PM

I have made a lot of progress on a project of mine for my upcoming wedding and was hoping I could get some insight from this community.
Essentially, I am turning a payphone into a sort of 'auditory guestbook' of sorts. The various inputs and outputs of the phone are interpreted and controlled by a raspberry pi hobby computer.

The project is nearly finished but I would like to utilize the coin validator so that if a guest put in a coin it could play a song or provide a clue (the wedding is puzzle themed). However, I have not made any progress in figuring out how the coin validator functions.

I understand that it is an aftermarket 'upgrade.' The original totalizer/coin chute has been replaced with this digital version.

Mars Electronics LPV226WE Payphone Electronic Coin Scanner.

I have attached a few photos of the coin validator and the electronics inside. As far as I can tell there are only three pins which I can interface with. These are located on the lowest of the three circuit boards (next to the black buzzer looking thing) and are accessible when the plastic lid is snapped in place. There are however several pins available on the topmost circuit board. The smallest middle board appears to have a strip of 4-wire cable that is cut (hopefully not important, but makes me think this might be a lost cause).

I learned a tremendous amount about phones and how they function from this community already and it has been a huge resource for me already in this project. I was hoping that one of you could provide yet more insight. Thank you so much!

I have several links to other similar projects that might be helpful, but I do not want to spam this forum with linking to outside sources as it sounds like that has been an issue.

Ok so OP has not posted the reply here so I will in the event someone else runs into this issue and needs a solution

I received a PM stating that shortening the password worked and hardware ATA now registers.. The auto Generated passwords are too long for many devices and some special characters may be an issue too.