"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Technical "Stuff" / Re: AE 3 Slot Payphone can dia...
Last post by wanderingemperor - Yesterday at 07:49:46 PM
Thanks poplar1, I still got the busy signal when I did that. Upon further inspection, there was already a jumper between L1 and A. So I moved the ringer wires to L1 and L2, then a jumper from A to K. Now I have a ringer! Thanks again for the quick response and pointing me in the right direction.
I'm in the process of setting up diode ringing and need to know what diode is supposed to be used? will any diode work? or are they like resistors, and have certain values that need to be followed. I understand that I need to bypass the capacitor in the phones as the diode replaces that function. any help is appreciated....
Monthly Caption Challenge / Re: << December 2022 Caption C...
Last post by 19and41 - Yesterday at 05:17:06 PM
Now, what's the number for the dial a ride again?
Quote from: HarrySmith on Yesterday at 04:53:35 PMAwesome! Looks great ;D

Thank you Harry!
Awesome! Looks great ;D
Quote from: Doug Rose on Yesterday at 04:26:47 PMOutstanding Ron....looks like it just rolled out of the factory. I do like the H3AJ cord....looks sharp!....Doug

Thank you Doug!
Auction Talk / Re: WE 30x with "Light Attachm...
Last post by paul-f - Yesterday at 04:43:36 PM
Phone Light on a 302.
Outstanding Ron....looks like it just rolled out of the factory. I do like the H3AJ cord....looks sharp!....Doug
Well here it is with its exterior resto finished, I'm getting something from a good friend to install in the phone so I can have the line button lamp light on incoming and out going calls as I have it wired to ring that way (well not to ring on outgoing calls but, you know what I mean). I did go ahead and install the H3AJ handset cord for now because the WE coiled cloth one I have is not the right color. Maybe I'll use one of my NOS WE straight cloth cords, I haven't decided yet. At first this phone was a bit intimidating with all the wiring going on inside but, after you understand how its all laid out it's pretty simple, at least the way I'm doing it and not hooking it up to a key system.
Auction Talk / Re: eBay's Trying to Fix What ...
Last post by TelePlay - Yesterday at 02:17:00 PM
Quote from: poplar1 on Yesterday at 08:42:25 AMI bought a Nile Green AE40 and an Old Rose 302 for $6 each  (the usual employee price per phone) when I was working for Hallmark House for $2 an hour in 1972. So selling those now would be Capital Gains, right?

Don't know. That would be an interesting try. I don't know if the IRS would classify a phone as an investment for capital gains.