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Painted curly cords

Started by poplar1, September 19, 2013, 01:51:00 PM

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I've seen WE handset cords that have been painted--even portions of the modular plugs are painted. Bill said that they never did this at the WE service center here in Atlanta. Another person told me that it's not polane paint. Anyone have any info on this process?

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Jim Stettler

I was told that they did paint the Cords at the WE Denver facility. I was also told it was Polane paint.

Most (all?) of the painted mod cords I have seen had paint on the mods and the mod plug was a smoke tint color vs. clear

Most of the painted cords I have seen were painted the same color as the cord was originally, but some were color changed.

I have also heard of WE dying light cords to dark colors, but I have never come across any.

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