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Early I 1938 WE 5H Dial Swap

Started by Kenton K, January 26, 2014, 02:54:30 PM

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Kenton K

Hey everybody!

I purchased a first quarter 1938 5H dial with the purpose of pairing it with an early 302. This is the early 5H dial with a phenol molded pulsing pawl. They are extremely smooth and quite. However, I got the date wrong! I thought my 302 was an I 38, but it actually is an IV 37. So if anybody has an IV 37 dial, I would be open to a swap!



Are you looking for a IV 37 4H or a IV 37 5H?
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Kenton K

I don't have a preference for a 4H or 5H. Either one would be great.