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Automatic Electric Mercedes Dial Repair

Started by Payphone installer, July 09, 2016, 08:30:03 AM

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Payphone installer

I hope I am posting this in the right place I have used this gentleman to repair my Mercedes Dallas and he did a wonderful job. I thought I would pass on his info. He has taken the time to repro some of the rarest parts in the dial that are often missing. He does a fantastic job. Jim
Hemi Jim <>

my name is jim sherck. i live in arkansas. i have become interested in the function and repair of automatic electric mercedes dials. steve hilsz has been tutoring me about them. i have a pulse counter to adjust the speed and have a couple of repairs already. i invested in producing the return springs. i am making the glass covers (out of plastic) for the paper number cards for the early ones. i am also reproducing the number cards. if you are interested in having your dial restored please consider me. my number is 870-200-1739. if you have any old mercedes dials that you would want to sell for parts please let me know. thanks for your time,jim