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Kellogg 15G Dial

Started by TelePlay, April 09, 2017, 08:49:22 PM

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Listed as a Kellogg 15G dial (from notation on the back) Is this the right pile up configuration for this dial? Seems to be missing the shunting springs. If correct, where was it use, or how was it used?


Somebody removed the shunt contacts And rotated the impulse cam. not to much work to fix it.  AE or Telephonics parts will fit


Hi John;

I've got a Kellogg 15G dial up on eBay right now, an extra that was in my Leich 901 which I got from Oldphoneworks (it has an actual AE-branded dial in it now, which I felt would be more correct for the phone, since AE/General Telephone owned Leich).  The one you've posted is certainly missing the shunting springs, so I can only speculate how it was used.

Now, the AE dial that came with that (possible) Signal Corps AE 40 I bought on eBay last week did have all the springs (plus an extra one, the function of which I don't know), but only the pulsing spring was actually wired up.  If this Kellogg dial was actually used the way it is shown, my thinking is that it could have had a military application.  The number plate is done up in a font which I've never seen before on a dial as well.
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